As a sports and recreational group with world influence, Marquee pays great attention to the absorption and exchange of fine culture and tradition of different nations. Marquee recognizes china, with the focus of attention of all the nations of the world, as a country with the most potential for development in the new century.

China, with all her enthusiasm, ability and aspirations for the future, is progressing towards maximum modernization. Many important international sporting events are taking place in China and sports are becoming a part of the daily life of the Chinese people. Therefore, a huge market is taking shape that requires the service of ticketing, the appearances of superstars, good facilities and good arrangement of sports games. Marquee has seized this unique opportunity and has found a great potential in the sports market of the university students in China with the know-how to elevate China's athletic performances to world-class competitions. A strong strategic partnership between Marquee and the Federation of University Sports of China has been formed. Marquee will help promote the fast development of sports events and games for students so that they will achieve a higher level of accomplishment. From the extensive experience of Marquee, efforts will be made to train more athletes in China by increasing their endurance, strength and skills. Marquee will serve as a bridge between China and the rest of the world in sports events.

Marquee is the sponsor of the following Championships and Leagues in China for the next three consecutive years:

  • Marquee's National Women's Basketball League
  • Marquee's National Men's Badminton League
  • Marquee's National Women's Badminton League
  • Marquee's National Men's Tennis League
  • Marquee's National Women's Tennis League
  • Marquee's National Men's Track and Field Championships
  • Marquee's National Women's Track and Field Championships

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