About Marquee Corporation

Marquee's Mission Statement:

Help your dreams come true for all the world to share your successes

Marquee Corporations and related entities was founded in the United States in the 1970’s, and have since, owned and operated many business ventures including investments, sports, entertainment, ticketing, real estate and the planning designing construction and management of sports and entertainment facilities.

Facilities Management

Marquee’s exclusive management in these facilities included the sale of food, beverages and merchandise spanning over 30 years.

Marquee's Joint Venture Partnership with the Chinese Government

Marquee has been awarded the exclusive rights for all of the Chinese Government owned University Sports, Food & Beverage and Concessions including but not limited to, all sponsorship rights, National Championships, all television & media rights and all other related commercial endeavors within Hong Kong and China.

signing ceremony signing ceremony 2
Agreement Signing Ceremony
Marquee Corporation and Federation of University Sports in China
Marquee Corporation Delegation
signing ceremony 3 signing ceremony 5
Mr. Zhang Xinsheng
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education
Peoples Republic of China
The Official Signing Ceremony
Marquee Corporation Delegation and Federation of University Sports of China Delegation
signing ceremony 4
Mr. Leonard Bloom
Chairman, President and CEO
Marquee Corporation

Mr. Yang Liguo
General Secretary
Federation of University Sports in China
Peoples Republic of China

Sports and Entertainment

Marquee has successfully developed sporting teams from conception to reality in both amateur and professional realm. Marquee’s vast experience and knowledge has brought them to the forefront of the sporting and entertainment industries.

As one of the leading companies in the business of sports and entertainment, with strong ability of resource integration and favorable public relations, Marquee has seized the excellent opportunity to develop in China. Now the cooperation between Marquee, its’ Chinese counterparts and the Chinese government is growing in a mutually beneficial way  

Commercial Business in China

Marquee has a team of commercial professionals who are experts in management and operation. With a national distribution of various resources, efficient logistics and professional services, the shopping facilities of Marquee on campus will offer daily necessities to students, staff and faculty at the most reasonable prices

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